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What is Elégance La Poudre?

Elégance La Poudre is a face powder series that has gained increasing popularity since its debut in 1990. The silky veil of colours has a luxurious and ultra fine texture that imparts absolute clarity and brightness to the skin. With superior resistance to water and oil, it stays long-lasting and achieves a beautiful complexion.

The four secrets behind the enduring appeal of Elégance La Poudre Face Powders

1. Absolute clarity
The perfect mix of five carefully selected colours to bring never-seen-before clarity to any skin tone.
2. Instantly cover pores to achieve ultra smooth skin
The translucent veil makes pores less visible to achieve a polished skin surface.
3. Light and smooth texture feels as comfortable as ultra fine silk
4. Long-lasting
Superior resistance against water and oil. The clarity and smoothness of the skin last all day.

Four colour variations to achieve your ideal complexion

Ⅰ and Ⅵ
For purity and elegance

Stylish and Chic

Soft and Sweet
Ⅳ and Ⅴ
For brilliance and vigor

Airy and Luminous

Natural and Healthy